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You might think that an AV Idol might stand for "Audio Visual" Idol, but it doesn't. It means Adult Video Idol. These girls are Japanese actresses that just happen to do porn too. Japanese culture is quite different than ours & actresses can jumpstart their careers by doing some adult videos before going into mainstream films. One of th most popular AV Idols, Azusa Maki says there are 10,000 new girls every year. Sometimes they just do softcore posing and stripping, but most of the time they do Hardcore Japanese Porn & Even Bukakke! AV Idols are truly some of the most beautiful Japanese girls in the world and we love to see them covered in cum. Once you get your password to the Bukakke Bath Members Area, you get a complete directory of 1000's of the top AV Idols and all their vital stats.

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